Lifting our clients' productivity to new heights

RMT Robotics, a Cimcorp Oy Company, is aDoug Pickard and Markuu Vesa global company that manufactures and integrates turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire handling solutions designed to reduce operating costs and streamline operations. To extend the flexibility of robotics beyond a fixed workspace, RMT Robotics also manufacturers and integrates ADAM™, the category-defining intelligent mobile robot. The ADAM system redefines the purpose and function of industrial AGVs by performing intelligent robotic transport of materials in complex, random origin to random destination industrial environments.

Since 1981, RMT Robotics has been recognized around the globe as an innovator in robotics materials handling. RMT helps our customers compete in an increasingly aggressive and price-sensitive global marketplace by providing best-in-class robotic handling solutions.

In July of 2010, RMT became a subsidiary of Cimcorp Oy, a leading supplier of large area gantry systems for internal logistics. RMT now has the added advantage of providing its global customer base with the accumulated knowledge and experience of two market leaders with proven ability to innovate and provide cost effective solutions to material handling problems in numerous distribution markets.

Simply put, our reputation for outstanding innovation speaks for itself; we continue to build the most technologically advanced robotic solutions in the market today.