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The Gantry Advantage

Manual material handling has been the mainstay of both warehouse and distribution operations for decades. But today, running a profitable manual picking and packing operation is an increasing challenge for managers who face skilled labor shortages, the high cost of work place injury, order inaccuracy, security and a great deal of conditioned warehouse space.  In addition the rapidly changing retail demand for mixed pallet loads, increasing SKU volume and product packaging configurations has made robotic case and layer picking systems an increasingly attractive option. 
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Gantry Robots and the Case for Automation

The case for automation in the distribution center (DC) environment shares many of the same ROI incentives as other parts of the supply chain – flexibility, speed, labor efficiency and allocation and increased throughput capacity. Additional drivers specific to the DC include increased accuracy, lower loss and damage rates, faster response to SKU velocity changes, and government regulated traceability requirements.
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Automated Case Picking: The New Frontier in Distribution Center Management

Supply Chain Digest takes an in-depth look at Automated Case Picking, and features RMT Robotics as a solution provider
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Lean Logistics: Goodyear's Automated Warehouse Puts Customers on Top

Featuring Goodyear and RMT's high-velocity gantry robots and integrated systems.
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Above and Beyond: How The High Flying Gantry Has Created a Mind Shift in Production Sequencing

Featuring T&WA and RMT's Production Sequencing Solution.
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