Crate Picking System

Crate Picking System

Ideal for Food, Beverage and Other Plastic Crate & Tray based Product Distribution

The versatile CratePick automated picking system is the ideal solution for large volumes of product handled in plastic crates or trays. Its ability to handle a variety of standard crates - even within one system - provides seamless integration into many applications.

Robotic technology can either be applied as part of a fully integrated automated handling system, or as an ‘island' of automation within a predominantly manual facility.

CratePick enables companies in a variety of market sectors to cut their handling costs and improve profitability. Cimcorp has developed CratePick as the solution to distribution challenges such as increasing product variety, short sell-by dates for perishables, stringent customer service needs and the labor-intensive nature of distribution work.


• 100% order accuracy
• Easy cleaning
• Flexible, compact and expandable
• Shorter lead times
• Improved traceability

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