A Great Place to Work

We Pledge to our Employees:

  • To devote our best efforts to build our company in an atmosphere of honesty, trust, harmony and mutual respect
  • To develop and communicate clear direction, goals, and policies
  • To present targets and give responsibilities that encourage personal growth, leadership, and teamwork
  • To offer competitive wages and benefits
  • To encourage and listen to your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and initiatives so that we will constantly improve
  • To provide educational and technical development
  • To conduct performance appraisals in a regular and timely manner
  • To provide employment and equal opportunity in an atmosphere free of harassment
  • To keep a safe and clean working environment

Please mail or fax all resumes to:

Cimcorp Automation Ltd.
635 South Service Road
Grimsby, Ontario
L3M 4E8
Fax: +1 905.643.9666

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