Automating your Dairy Distribution

Dairy distribution is a faced paced, labor intensive and cost competitive industry. Staying ahead of the competition requires a solution that can handle high through-put, provide 100% accuracy and provide significant labor savings.

The Cimcorp MultiPick system does just that. 

Multipick has the capabilities of handling a variety of industry standard crates and trays and can take care of a range of operations including buffer storage, sorting and sequencing, order picking, delivery scheduling, load planning and order release.

System Benefits

Shorter lead times- Fast handling reduces lead times 

Easier cleaning- robots quickly empty storage area to facilitate cleaning

Greater flexibility- The system can be easily expanded to allow for the addition of more SKUs

Customer Quote

Heli Jaatinen, Logistics Manager, Valio

“The key benefits for us have been faster turnaround, higher delivery accuracy and improved product traceability. Now we have products ready for loading within two hours of order receipt. Our delivery reliability has always been high, but now the number of order picking errors has been reduced. The system has improved traceability enormously; if we need to trace a product with customers we get precise data from the system.”