Pick by Layer

Ideal for High-Rate, High-SKU Layer Picking Applications

The Cimcorp layer picking solution combines our large, fast gantry robots with an end effector that was developed to pick most consumer products in the global marketplace.  The patent pending gripper uses a combination of vacuum and clamping force that can be used together or separately.

A unique aspect of the solution is the ability to pick up one layer, multiple layers, and even entire pallet loads of product.  The system is currently being used for large distribution centers in consumer goods and the food and beverage industry and can be applied in any distribution centre shipping volume in layer quantities.

By staging all SKUs directly inside the robotic cell, customer order pallets can be built in any sequence at any time.  This operational flexibility will allow for live loading trailers if desired.


  • Eliminates 100% of picking labour
  • Flexible tooling can handle most package types
  • Flexible and compact layout options
  • Systems can fit into existing footprints
  • Improved traceability
  • 100% order accuracy


For more information view our Layer Pick Brochure

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