Proactive Services

RMT understands that our customers rely upon the equipment that we supply for the livelihood of their operation and their business. Interruption to production due to equipment breakdown or reduced performance can and should be avoided as mush as possible. RMT believes that the best defense against production down time is a well organized offence, which is why RMT offers a suite of proactive services designed to monitor our customers' equipment and certify that uptime remains as high as possible.

Service Agreements:
RMT provides customized service agreements tailored to meet your unique needs and expectations including 24/7 support, remote system access and preventative maintenance visits.

Remote System Access:
With remote system access, RMT personnel can review current performance and short term history of the system and offer recommendations for intervention or restoration before a problem occurs.

Preventative Maintenance:
RMT schedules on-site visits to inspect, identify and solve potential problems before they cause downtime.

On-site Training:
RMT is dedicated to ensuring that your staff can operate and maintain your equipment efficiently and effectively. We will work with you to provide a custom training plan around your team.

Contact Customer Care

For more information regarding RMT Robotics Maintenance Programs pleasecontact our Customer Service Coordinator