Reactive Services

Even the best designed and maintained equipment can experience periods of reduced performance or even unexpected breakdown.  When malfunction occurs, RMT appreciates that time is of the essence and rapid recovery and and repair is critical.

From 24/7 technical support and remote diagnosis to expedited part replenishment and technician dispatch, RMT works hand in hand with our customers to accelerate repair and revive systems to full operation as quickly as possible.

A Connection 24/7 to RMT
RMT provides toll free access to our call centre, where your call will be immediately answered by our operators, day or night, seven days a week. At first response, an RMT technician will connect directly with your personnel to understand the difficulty and begin resolution.

Remote System Access
With remote VPN system access, RMT personnel can rapidly connect to your equipment, computer to computer in real time, to review the current status of the system as well as to review alarms and analyze logged events.  From RMT's facility, RMT can remotely diagnose, repair and reset your operating system anywhere in the world.

On-Site Technical Support
RMT technicians or trained local subcontractors can be deployed 24/7 to our customers' location anywhere in the world.  These technicians will work on-site to perform repairs, rapidly return equipment to full operating conditions and monitor the equipment as it returns to full capacity.

Customer Care also offers:

  • A single-source for all your spare parts
  • System Relocation projects
  • Equipment Optomization and Audits

Contact Customer Care

For more information regarding RMT Robotics Maintenance Programs pleasecontact our Customer Service Coordinator