Tire Distribution Systems

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Infrastructure

Automated distribution of cured tires improves the efficiency and reduces warehouse infrastructure. The RMT Cured Tire Distribution Systems stream tires towards a bank of large, fast gantry robots. The gantries are capable of sorting hundreds of concurrent codes and storing thousands of tires. Inventory is stored "on the floor" under the gantries, in product groups, for later sequential release via conveyor (in stacks or singles) to the loading dock. For longer-term storage, the stacker gantries are also able to palletize on demand; completed pallets are removed by fork trucks for put-away in the warehouse.


  • 30% to 70% of tires are never palletized, reducing movement and warehouse capacity
  • Trailers are loaded in route stop sequence
  • Tires can be picked in singles with the same ease as batches
  • Eliminates most picking labour
  • Order turn-around times are dramatically improved