Transformation Services

Cimcorp believes that each of our installed systems represent a long term commitment to the automation of our customer's operation. Over time, the needs of the system may change as our customers' operations change.

Beyond support, repair and replacement, Cimcorp Customer Support works together with our customers over the long term to engage in projects designed to modernize aging equipment, expand capacity or relocate equipment to other facilities.     

Modernization Programs
Many of Cimcorp's systems remain in operation well beyond our customers' normal expected lifetime for the equipment. Despite being a testament to the durability of the equipment, systems in operation over an extended period of time can face support challenges as time marches on, particularly when inventories of replacement parts become scarce and / or components are discontinued by their original suppliers.

Cimcorp Customer Support works hand in hand with our customers as systems ages to inform of discontinued products identify suitable replacements and in some cases, propose larger scale modernizations to encourage viability of the equipment well into the future.

Capacity Enhancements
Over time, it is common for the needs of our customer's operation to change with their business. Although it is quite common for our systems to be designed to handle future capacities, unanticipated changes in the operation can often present unexpected challenges for the installed equipment.

Cimcorp Customer Support engages with our customers to plan for system expansion and enhancement. As with the original project, Cimcorp works with our clients to analyze the new requirements, propose equipment additions and layout reconfiguration and then manage the project to complete the retooling of the integrated solution to meet the new expectations of the operation.

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